“Choose My Plate” Released

On Thursday, a replacement for the Food Pyramid was released.  To me, this was a very welcome replacement.  I didn’t like the Food Pyramid because it was not a very good teaching tool, as far as simplicity.  (I liked the old Food Pyramid, just not the new one).  But I love the new Choose My Plate method.  Yes, it has some drawbacks, such as what about combination foods, and has gotten criticism because of its simplicity, but the simplicity is what I like.  It’s a very quick and easy way to teach carb counting.

For those of you familiar with the Idaho Plate Method, the Choose My Plate is very similar.  The Idaho Plate Method is a quick and easy way to teach carb counting.  I teach the Magic 15 as a way to quickly add up your carbs.  By focusing on each portion is 15 grams of carbs, looking at only the Fruit/Milk/Grain groups, it’s a great starting point for basic carb counting. (And yes, I know the veggies have a little carbs, but most people I encounter aren’t eating huge amounts of veggies, so if they need to add in extra for veggies, I will teach that also).

So an easy way to teach your children quick and easy carb counting is to look at your plate each meal, and count 15 for each fruit/milk/grain on the plate.  Now, I do know that for dosing insulin, this isn’t totally accurate.  And I do  know that portions can vary significantly.  So I always follow the conversation adding in about portions and looking at food labels when possible.  But, for days when my children are off at a friend’s or have a babysitter, or something where for some reason, they have to dose without help, (I’m mainly talking about my 10 year old, as my 17 year old is a pro at carb counting), at least they have a good place to start, and we can correct a high or low later if needed.  So at least they dose for something that hopefully is close enough.

So, check out the Choose My Plate website.  It is an interactive site where you can input a height/weight/age and it will produce the servings you need plus you can get sample menus, and even track your intake.

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