Resources for Diabetes

Being diagnosed with diabetes is overwhelming. These are favorite resources that helped me when my children were diagnosed, along with cool products we use. I frequently recommend these to parents of newly diagnosed children and those starting on insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors.

Some of these are affiliate links. You do not pay more and I would only promote products that I have personally tried and love. It helps me run this blog. For more info, here is my Disclosure Page.



My Favorite Books That Helped When Diagnosed

ADA Complete Guide to Carbohydrate Counting

Type Onederland

Kids First, Diabetes Second

Pumping Insulin

Think Like a Pancreas

Prefer to  read the Kindle version? Try the app on any device, I love it! Much more convenient. – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices Resources for Diabetes

Cool Products I Love

Trouble with infusion sets or sensors coming off too early: Skin Tac is the absolute best adhesive sticky wipe we have found. You can use UniSolve to get it off if it’s too sticky. (This also is great around the house for getting sticky labels off things!)

Mastisol is another great adhesive. If a site or sensor is loose, I have dipped a Q-tip in mastisol and rubbed it around under the site and resticked the site or sensor down. I have also used a Skin-Tac wipe and rubbed it under the site to restick it.

 GrifGrips Oval Sports Adhesive Patch for Dexcom – Pack of 10 in Blue Camo Resources for Diabetes

Buzzy Bee for Pain Relief for injections

Frio Bag for keeping insulin cool. Here’s a post my son wrote about his use of the Frio bag while studying abroad.

How to Keep Insulin Cool

Healthy Kids Plates for Healthy Eating

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Medical Alert Jewelry


Lauren’s Hope

Facebook Groups

Parents of Type 1

Parenting Diabetes

Diapers and Diabetes

Type 1 Bloggers

Pay it Forward

Let me know if you have a favorite, I’ll be glad to post it!

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