Standardized Testing and Diabetes

My daughter had her yearly achievement testing this week. Each night her teacher sent an email reminding parents to make sure their child gets rest and eats a good breakfast in order to do their best.

But as a parent of a child with diabetes, I had different concerns. What if my child’s blood sugar drops while taking the test? So I told Sara each morning that if she feels low, she was to get up and tell the teacher even in the middle of the test.

Luckily, she was fine all week. But if she had any troubles, she is protected by law. Because of diabetes, she could stop the test and not lose time if she needed to.

When my son took the ACT, we filled out the application for special considerations. Because of diabetes, he was put into a classroom by himself and could stop the clock/test at any time and check his blood sugar and eat a snack. He didn’t need to, but just having the accommodations to do so helped my anxiety.

So be aware that your child is protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act when it comes to school and testing.

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