5 Tips for Sick Day Care with Type 1 Diabetes

It’s flu season where we live.  I keep hearing from the schools about how many cases of the flu they have.  I hope my children with diabetes do not end up with it, since illnesses affect them so much worse. We have to be prepared for sick days!

With diabetes, sickness and infections can wreak havoc on blood sugar levels.  Managing diabetes during sickness requires more frequent blood sugar checks and ketone checks.  Usually sickness increases blood sugars, though we have seen in our children where they stay low.

Here’s some keys to remember when sick:

1.  Check your child’s blood sugar more often, even every 2 hours and overnight. Notify your doctor if  high blood sugars that are not coming down.

2.  Check  ketones, even if blood sugar is not high.  You can have a normal blood sugar and have ketones when sick.  Notify your doctor if having ketones.

3.  If vomiting, contact your healthcare professional for instructions. Risk of dehydration is high with diabetes.

4.  Insulin doses may need to be adjusted, as extra insulin may be required. If low, your child still needs basal insulin to prevent ketones. Check with your doctor if you are unsure about doses.

5.  Always keep on hand:  Regular Gatorade, Sugar-free Gatorade, fluids with sugar and sugar-free fluids so you have what you need depending on blood sugar levels, and items that your chid likes and  can usually tolerate when  sick, such as jello/sugar-free jello, soups, etc.

I hope your children do not get sick, but as we parents know, at some point they do.  Knowing ahead of time what to do is key.  Be sure you talk with your child’s healthcare professional about sickness and how they want sickness handled ahead of time so you know what to do.

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