Happy Mother’s Day to Mothers of Children with Diabetes!

Mothers of children with diabetes have lots of extra work that they do. They are playing nurse and doctor much more than the average mom, checking blood sugars, giving injections or inserting infusion sets, reading blood sugars and determining treatment, carrying lots of extra supplies around likes meters, syringes, insulin, and taking care of things like training teachers, family members, and friends on how to care for their child.

I read D-Mom blog and I love her analogy she uses of a duck on water. On top of the water, the duck looks calm and everything looks great with the world, but under the water the duck is kicking and swimming like crazy.

Our children with diabetes look normal to most of the world, but the world doesn’t see all the crazy kicking and things that our kids and we as parents have to do behind the scene for our child to be healthy and things to look calm on the outside.

Remember as a mother to take time for yourself. All that “kicking under water” can wear us down emotionally and physically. Take care of yourself and do something special for yourself each day so you are better equipped to care for your child.

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