Healthy Lunch Ideas For Kids and Teens

Sara has been getting tired of the same old lunch for school. I try and send a healthy lunch which she will actually pack for herself now. She is a great vegetable eater if veggies are raw and usually wants either cucumbers, carrots, celery, or salad with her lumch. She puts a piece of fruit each day in her lunch also which gets her 2 servings of the recommended 5 servings a day of fruits and vegetables which is great.

In my Pinterest search for new ideas for lunch besides a sandwich, I came across these Ham and Cheese Mini Quiches from Momables. (What a cute name!) I substituted the ham for some crumbled bacon, mainly because I did not want to go to the store and get ham. I had  several for breakfast myself and they are delish! Sara loved them too. Try them out for something different in your child’s lunch! They are also gluten-free for those who need to restrict gluten.

Here’s the carb count of her lunch for diabetes and entering into her insulin pump:

Cucumbers, 1/2 cup =0

17 grapes = 15 grams carbs

Mini Quiche= minimal, less than 3

Yogurt= the label says 14 grams total carbohydrates

If you need storage containers for lunch boxes, I love these from Rubbermaid! We have several sets of them. Sara has a Vera Bradley lunch bag so the typical larger storage containers I see on Pinterest with the different holes in them for food don’t fit in her lunchbox. These are stackable and snap together. We’ve used them several years and they are still in great condition. They come with an ice pack also that snaps on the lid.

I got the mini Ranch dip holder containers from Dollar Tree where I got a bag of 6 or so for $1. What a bargain!

Hope this gives you a lunch idea besides a boring sandwich!  Comment below on your favorite non-sandwich items to send for lunch and join the Facebook group!

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