Back to School: Time for Care Plans

School is back in session in most parts of the country.  My daughter started back several weeks ago.  One thing parents with children with diabetes have to do is work with the school to make a diabetes care plan.  Different schools may do it differently, but typically this is a written plan that details the parents responsiblilty (such as keeping needed supplies at school) and the school’s responsiblity.

The school’s responsibility section should include very detailed information including at least:

  • Blood sugar checks:  including when to check, whether supervision is needed with checking, interpreting results, when to call parents, and how to treat blood sugars
  • Treating low blood sugars:  specifics as to symptoms they may feel or exhibit, when to treat as low blood sugar (specific number such as 70 or 80), what they are to eat, emergency plan with glucagon, when to retest and retreat as needed. This schould include where snacks are to be kept and who is able to give glucagon.
  • High blood sugar:  similar to low blood sugars: symptoms, signs, treating, re-testing, when to call parent.
  • Meals and snacks:  specify how the school is to count carbs or know how much insulin to give.  This can be  set doses with meals, carb counting done by child or nurse or parent, letting the pump calculate doses, etc.  Specify exactly what you want done.
  • Exercise and what needs to be done, such as check before and after, when to give extra snacks, when to withold from activity. Extracurricular activities need to also be included.
  • Emergency numbers and when you want to be notified.

The American Diabetes Associates has some great info on Being Safe at School, along with Project Blue November.  It also includes information on laws regarding schools and diabetes.   I hope everyone has  a good school year!

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