Diabetes Camp! What a fun week~

Sara just got back from Camp Hopewell in Oxford, MS.  They have a Diabetes Camp each summer.  This was her 3rd year to go.  She was so excited to go this year and she had a blast and saw old friends and met new ones.

Each year as we sign her in, we have to go around to all the different “stations” and get a signature.  The stations are things such as the nurse (where they write down your diabetes treatment), nutrition booth where they get your height, weight, and food preferences, cabin where you meet your cabin mates, recreational life, and meet the Camp Doctor.  This year when we spoke to the Camp Doctor, (who I work with), he asked Sara one question.  “What is the purpose of Diabetes Camp?  Well, I knew there wasn’t really a wrong answer.  She came up with some great answers and he helped her with a few.  So these are the purposes we thought of for why we go to Diabetes Camp:

  • Meet others with diabetes
  • Learn about diabetes
  • Be around friends who have to do all you have to do everyday
  • Learn from others who are dealing with the same thing you are
  • Give your parents a break in a place where they know that the children are monitored very closely by nurses, dietitians, and Camp Doctor.
  • See a “grown up” with diabetes who is doing just great (each cabin has  a counselor who has diabetes)

What are some other reasons for going to camp?  What have your children experienced at camp?

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