One Great Thing: Diabetes Blog Week

Day two for Diabetes Blog Week: Topic for today is One Great Thing, so we are thinking about what’s one great thing we are doing for our diabetes care. We know that we can’t be perfect with diabetes, and we certainly have many challenges, but we are doing many things right. And some days, even when we do things right, the blood sugar numbers still are wacky for no reason!

So One Great Thing we do in my house: I’d have to say we are good at counting carbs. (we don’t always get it right, but most of the time) Maybe that’s because I’m a dietitian so maybe I’m more confident at it or just talk about it all day with patients, so I’m constantly educating and about carbs and looking up restaraunt items for patients, therefore learning myself. Or maybe just because we’ve done it for so long.  If I’m not sure of a carb count on a specific food, to save myself time finding the label, I can usually ask my 18 year old son what the carb count is. It’s amazing what all he has memorized. And my 11 year old daughter has quite a bit memorized also. We don’t always guess right, but if I’ve not sure, I underestimate to avoid a low, then just correct a high later if needed.

One funny story, Sara asked me one night what I did at work. I told her I teach people how to count carbs (that’s just one small part of what I do, but I was making it simple). She said “Well why would you have to do that, they just need to look at a label.” So I said “Well, what if there isn’t a label?” So she replied, “You just guess 15 then.” So I guess she’s just been counting carbs since she was 6, so it’s no big deal to her and just part of her life. She saw no reason for my job!  I guess that’s part of what they call “the new normal.”

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